this is so important.

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Winter is coming.


Parish Church, Oberwart, Austria, 1966-69

(Günther Domenig & Eilfried Huth)

I’d go to this church.

This is definitely my next. Or if Fuji release a successor by the time I can buy one.


2014 Jaguar XFR-S

I can’t stand up right now.

Prototype 311mph maglev train

Why doesn’t the US have nice things like maglev trains? *sigh*

A jellyfish that rejuvenates

This is a wonderfully written article. Even if you don’t care about the science, it’s definitely worth the read.

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Google Fiber makes me want to move to Kansas City.

The end of skeumorphism?

The 16:9 display makes the Surface look unwieldy, but I still want one to experience Windows RT.

(I can’t say I care about legacy apps or the desktop environment.)

512MB of RAM? That’s too bad. Because the design is really nice.

Call the police

Reddit is down.

Happy Monday.


For the first time in my life, I have a desk job. Most sites are blocked, but Tumblr and Reddit aren’t. So, it looks like I’ll be posting again!